Bangkok luxury travel: Ritz-Carlton Residences
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Bangkok luxury travel: Ritz-Carlton Residences

If you love luxury living, you know how it is like to fly off to a great holiday destination and stay in hotel suites, but it is another story if you are into buying into this lifestyle so you can stay there for a good few leaves of the the calendar. Today, there are a lot of apartments that take the lines styling lines of a hotel or there are hotels which offer residences on their upper floors.

Bangkok hotel Ritz-Carlton Residences is expected to be completed by 2012, and by then it will be on the number one spot as a luxury property in this part of Thailand. The Ritz Carlton Residences will be the most expensive and the tallest building in Bangkok.

The residences will go well along with The Edition Bangkok, a boutique hotel that will be housed in the same uniquely designed building.

In case you are curious if your bank account can handle a purchase of one or more of the 200 residences at the Ritz-Carlton Bangkok. The residences will be starting at around $890,000 while a penthouse will set you back by around $11.25 million. There is still no information with regard to the rates for the hotel The Edition Bangkok.

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