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The Magic of Bhutan Vacations

As a small country in Himalaya, Bhutan could seem insignificant to many people. But Bhutan offers some interesting landscapes, astonishing sceneries and good trekking possibilities. Bhutan is surrounded by the mighty India and China, but  the access to the neighboring Chinese Tibet is no more possible. Thus, Bhutan is very isolated and difficult to reach, relying very much on the traditional special treaties with India.

Map of Bhutan

Bhutan could become an Asian Switzerland, as it is definitely a place to be and to live. It is not very rich, but it is one of the happiest countries worldwide, according to the declarations of the locals. Simply unbelievable! But there are some explanations of this thing: the Bhutanese are very proud of their millennial traditions, which are well kept and promoted. 80 % of them are ruling a subsistence agriculture, but all Bhutanese are well fed . Country’s official religion is Vajrayana Budhism, which is unique in the all world. There are no beggars or poor on the streets, and Bhutan is one of the world’s safest countries!

Government Seat in Thimphu

In Bhutan you must see some Buddhist temples and monasteries, specially the remote ones. They are literally similar with birds nests, and don’t forget to make a little donation for the people living there. For the trained mountaineers there is available an incredible nice Snowtrail  through the Himalaya, which lasts 3 weeks long. This trail is accessible only in summer, and you must be prepared against water caused diseases, which are high probable in the monsoon season. Another threatening for untrained people is the altitude sickness, occurring above 2500 meters. It is not a joke, take it serious, it could and does kill!

Taktsang Monastery by Paro is also known as the Tiger Nest

The serene magnificent Bhutan enjoys the nickname of  “The last Shangri La“. The tourists discover usually Bhutan through car or bus tours lasting a few days. Try to get during these tours the remote genuine Bhutanese people and eat Ema-datsi, Kewa-datsi and Shamu -datsi. All are served with rice and the first is very hot. Ema-datsi is a mix of chilli and cheese, and datsi means cottage cheese.

Jacaranda trees

Visiting Bhutan you will understand why the Gross National Hapiness is much important than the Gross National Product.

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