7 Useful tips this Christmas when passing through an airport
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7 Useful tips this Christmas when passing through an airport

Lucky are those who just need to drive to be with their loved ones this Christmas. Most of us though will most likely have to travel by airplane and pass through one or several airports. The lines at the airport will not be as long as during the Thanksgiving but it is not all merry when you get in queue at the terminal. One hazard you must always be ready during Christmas is the bad weather which can sometimes make your stay at the airport longer than expected. Here are a few things to keep in mind when traveling by air during the holiday season:

Travel Light

This is just a reminder that packing just what you need is best practice whenever you travel. It is especially applicable when you travel during the peak seasons like the Yuletide. Most likely you will be bringing gifts on your way to and back from your Christmas get-togethers. Remember that airport security must still do their job of checking your stuff and it will be a bit difficult for them if you have unmentionables which will force them to open your suit up.

You can also make use of transparent zip bags so inspection will be a lot easier just in case they open your bag.

Do not wrap the presents

Whether you are putting your gifts into your luggage or hand carrying them, it will be best if you leave them unwrapped. This will save you some time in case security needs to check them. You wouldn’t like it if they require you to tear the beautiful wrap open to see what is inside the box. It might be helpful if you bring gift bags or tissues with you so wrapping the gift before reaching your destination will be more convenient. You can also try online shopping and have the goods delivered to your destination.

Book your flights carefully

When you reserve tickets for your flights, try to get a direct flight from the closest airport from your home to the most proximate airport to your destination. If this is not possible make sure you check out the airports where you will be making the connecting flight. Remember that you should have time allowance for these connecting flights and also consider any possible weather problems.

Make use of online Check-in

Twenty-four hours before your flight, most of the airlines will allow you to check-in via the internet. It will be a very good practice to this especially during a very busy season like Christmas. By checking-in online you will be able to avoid the long lines at the counters. Checking-in your luggage will also be a lot faster. Do not forget to print your online check-in, your itinerary, and of course your boarding pass.

Be at the airport early You must allot an allowance when you are traveling by air during the peak season like the Yuletide. Even though you have completed checking-in online, you still need to consider the crowd, the weather, and the traffic going to the airport. You may be in control of your schedule but you cannot say what will take long especially along the security lines. Getting to the airport early gives you time to handle the worst of possible scenarios that may come up.

Bring entertainment and food to the airport

If you have kids, you will probably understand why food and entertainment is very important when traveling. With the Christmas rush and unpredictable winter weather, having food and entertainment with you will be very handy in case you get stuck in the airport. It can also save you a lot of money since you will not be forced to buy snacks which are overly overpriced at the airport. A book, an mp3 player, a portable dvd will also be good companion in case long delays are unavoidable.

List the contact info of your airline

In case you will encounter any problems at the airport, having essential numbers for your airline, hotel, or family will be very useful. You will find it very useful during emergencies, delay, or if you really have to get an alternative flight.

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