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East Coast Beach Vacation On a Shoestring Budget

When nerves are frazzled and tempers are flaring, what do parents do to ease the stress on the homefront? Plan a holiday of course! Most times, couples with kids long to go on a beach vacation but quickly find out that they either lack the money or resources to go on a proper beach vacation. The fact is that you do not need to pay through your nose or put up with another mortgage just to enjoy a week off at a beautiful beach! The East Coast is littered with enough beaches to last you a lifetime, and more, so why not check out these three best beaches so that you and your family can enjoy a much deserved break?

1. Clearwater, Florida

Those who live in the locale will quickly agree that Clearwater, Florida has some of the most sultry beaches in the United States. Imagine a 35-mile stretch of sandy beaches and calm waters – this is sure to make you want to jump into your car and visit the Caladesi Island State Park and the Fort De Soto Park. Check yourself into one of the clean and spacious two-bedroom condos and indulge in the perfect vacation with your family. Amenities like pools and spas are abundant – Let the kids entertain themselves with a cornucopia of beach activities like you work on your tan under the sultry shade.

2. The Orange Beach, Alabama

The Orange Beach area of Alabama is relatively unknown to the tourists that throng the beaches nearby. Here you will experience a truly magnificent view of the beach while your toes dig into the powdery white sand. Activities are not limited to the water only – You can also indulge in a round of golf. hiking, fishing and nature walks. We recommend the Gulf Shores Plantation where you can access 2000 feet of private beach, tennis courts, pools and spas are available for your relaxing pleasure.

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