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Top 7 Unusual Easter Destinations

There are several spots where the traditional Easter atmosphere is totally animated by very weird um.. elements.

1. Taipei, Taiwan

If you like to spend most of your time on the toilet seat, you can meet people just like you in Taipei. Here is the (in)famous “Toilet Restaurant”. The table are actually modified hot tubs, and the seats are…toilets. The exotic food (fortunately, no other surprises here) is served in other mini-toilet plates.

2. Dawson City, Alaska

Now we get to drinking. In the menu of an Alaskan club there is a cocktail that is a bit different. So different that the magic-ingredient is a man’s finger. You need a hard stomach for this and must be vigilant cause the hosts are evasive when it comes to the origins of the ingredient or if it is a different finger in every cocktail. One more thing: house rules say the lips of the tourist must touch the salted finger.

3. Bangkok, Thailanda

Bangkok has an out of the ordinary spot as well. The “Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant” raises funds for the Population & Community Development Association. The coffee is served with a condom so…an extra-safe drink. Also the design of the restaurant is in association with the name.

4. Riga, Letonia

A cafe from Riga, Letonia, can brag about their toilets, which are the weirdest I’ve ever seen. Shot Café is famous not for their menu, but for the…excellent atmosphere they create in the bathroom. The transparent toilet seat is iluminated  with a color depending  on the people’s mood. Red, light green or dark blue uncovers the joy or sadness of the ones that stop by.

5. Hakone, Japonia

About Japanese we can definitely say they are the first when it comes to freaky tech developments. If you will see someone looking like you following you on the street, you’ll know they are trying to take over the world by replacing important people with their robots. But they are good at relaxation as well, it seems…at the bottom of Mount Fuji, they built a pool and they filled it with red wine. Hundreds of tourists and locals come daily cause it’s said the Yunessun Spa has amazing effects for the skin. The hosts recommend visitors not to leave by car…

6. San Francisco, California

In San Francisco there is a very interactive hot spot. La Cafe Gratitude, the name of the things on the menu ask you to buy them. A classic is the salate “I AM FESTIVE”. And if a waiter ask you “For what are you grateful today”, you MUST answer “For the food I’m going to receive”. Otherwise, you may walk away with your stomach empty.

7. Brisbane, Australia

To close our list we talk about a hotel in Brisbane that encourages visitors to take part (just as spectators) at the “BYO Roach”, a F1 with cockroaches. This is a serious event, that has a tradition of 23 years. There are 14 trofees at stake. The crazy event starts at noon and ends up with the best thing: “Bugs Golden Cup”.

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