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Lanchid 19: A spectacular hotel in Budapest

The Lanchid 19 is the perfect place to stay in when in Budapest. It is ideally located at the foot of Castle Hill on the western side of the Danube. You will be at the heart of the action when you stay at this posh boutique hotel.

You can walk across the Chain Bridge and you will be at the main district lined by bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, and some historic sights.

The Lanchid 19 is a great place to retreat to after wondering and enjoying the attractions Budapest has to offer. The hotel has received some recognition like the Best Architecture from the European Hotel, Hungarian Design citations, and other architectural prizes. It is also constantly listed as among the top hotels compiled by respected media organizations.

Who will contest that the Lanchid 19 deserves these awards. It has moveable glass façade and a great view of the river bank, the Danube, and the Margaret Island from your bathroom. The other side of the hotel gives a scenic view of a castle.

Design Elements

The architects and designers used glass as the predominant part of the structure, giving it a very airy feeling. The glass façade uses an accordion design which features the environment of the Danube.

Enter the atrium and your eyes will be locked on to the glass bridges over head. The transparent wall also highlights the relics of a water tower from the medieval period.

There are 3 suites in the hotel provide visitors with a great panorama. Forty five rooms use unique design elements following minimalist concepts.

All rooms come standard with a safe deposit, internet access, and a flat screen television. A good sofa and comfortable bed are givens in the equation if you are staying at Lanchid 19. Room rates may range from Euros 100 to about 600.

Lanchid 19 is highly recommended if you are in Budapest for some business or enjoying a romantic getaway.

More pictures with the Lanchid 19 here

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