Advantages of Boutique Hotels
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The Advantages of Boutique Hotels

When you talk about staying in hotels, does the thought of being in a large building with impersonal service and generic, cookie-cutter rooms tire or depress you? Many people have grown tired of hotels because they think all hotels are like this, but in fact, a boutique hotel might suit their needs!

Boutique hotels are designed differently than regular hotels. While most hotels feel impersonal and businesslike, boutique hotels’ interior designers take great care to coordinate furniture, wallpaper, artwork, and all the elements of your room to ensure that each room feels like home.

Speaking of the cozy rooms, there are as few of them as possible in a boutique hotel — the exact opposite of most hotels. Fewer people staying at the hotel means there will be much better customer service, and a more personalized feel to the stay. Staff will anticipate your every need, and your room is bound to be cleaner and more comfortable.

The length to which boutique hotels will go to ensure their guests are happy is another thing that sets boutique hotels apart from the rest. There are likely to be many extra perks to the room, anything from customizing the breakfasts you get in the morning (which will likely be better than standard continental breakfasts) to free laundry services.

Last, but not least, boutique hotels are almost always situated in a great spot. Bigger hotels need bigger buildings, so small hotels can squeeze into a perfectly-situated location that’s central. Boutique hotels will be close to the attractions, public transit stations, and sometimes better views! The location of your hotel can make or break your vacation, and when it’s in the perfect spot, you’ll find you enjoy your stay much more than you would if you find yourself commuting from a large hotel on the edge of the city.

Boutique hotels have a great many advantages over regular hotels. If you’re tired of the typical whitewashed hotel rooms, try a boutique hotel and you just might find your love for travel renewed.

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