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Top 10 Budget Hotels in Madrid

Madrid is an energetic and exciting city, full of the hot blooded, passionate Spanish spirit. There are plenty of things to see and do in Madrid, from visiting the beautiful old churches to experiencing the wild nightlife in the evenings, and visitors return here year after year to sample the unique atmosphere, which is at once laid back and upbeat. Madrid is famous for its exciting festivals, many of which happen in late spring, when the weather is just starting to get hot (the mid summer can be sweltering and many people prefer to visit the cooler Spanish coastline or mountains). One of the most popular festivals is that of the city’s patron saint, San Isidro, which happens every mid May. At this time you will find live music, banquets and various performances all over the city, as well as many religious ceremonies to mark this special occasion.

Here are the top 10 best cheap hotels in Madrid:

  1. Hotel Zenit Abeba is situated in the heart of the exclusive Salamanca district, just a few steps from one of the best shopping and dining areas in Madrid, Serrano Street. Standard rooms are reasonably priced and all have air conditioning, satellite TV, free Internet WiFi, deposit box and mini-bar and hairdryer.
  2. Hotel Reyes Católicos is situated in the heart of the city centre, just in front of the San Francisco El Grande Basílica, and a short walk from the stunning Almudena’s Cathedral. Rooms are good value and very comfortable, and the service is polite and friendly.
  3. Hotel Zenit Conde de Orgaz is next to the wonderful Juan Carlos I Exhibition Centre, and is situated deep in the heat of Madrid’s busiest business area, making it a very convenient hotel for business travelers. Rooms are cheap and comfortable, with air conditioning, satellite TV and Internet access.
  4. Hotel Osuna is also near to the Juan Carlos I Exhibition Centre and offers bungalow style accommodation with lovely terrace and garden areas. The hotel provides free transfers to and from the airport, and the bungalows are good value for money for families or friends sharing accommodation, and come with satellite TV, telephones, private bathrooms, and free ADLS Internet access.
  5. Hotel Asturias is located just a short walk from the Puerta del Sol, and is surrounded by lively shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. Standard rooms are a low price and come with private bathrooms, satellite TV and telephones,
  6. Hotel Kris Alcalá is situated conveniently next to the Madrid-Barcelona Motorway, ‘La Garena’ train station, and several large shopping areas. Rooms are modern and comfortable and available at discount prices in the off peak seasons.
  7. Hotel Caballero Errante is a modern and well equipped hotel, situated near to the Plaza de Castilla and various shops and cafes. The hotel has an excellent dining area, which serves and includes morning breakfast buffet, and also lunchtime and evening meals.
  8. Hotel Husa Chamartin is near to the Chamartin Railway Station, and has good value, modern and comfortable rooms with air conditioning, satellite TV and internet access.
  9. Hotel Partner Ciudad de Parla is situated in the heart of Madrid’s Southern District and is near to the excellent leisure facilities of Xanadu and Warner Bros Park. Standard rooms are comfortable and good value for money.
  10. Hotel Anaco is a small hotel with clean, basic rooms, and is worth a mention for is cheap rates and quiet, central location just off ‘Plaza del Carmen’.

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