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5 Las Vegas Travel Photography Tips

Las Vegas is a city of lights, entertainment, and action. There are hundreds of thousands of subjects to photograph here, all of which may be flashing or constantly moving. Getting a good snapshot in can be a challenge, and sometimes it isn’t worth the hassle to get a good photo. On the other hand, Las Vegas is a beautiful city that deserves to be in the spot light. Here are 5 tips for taking magnificent travel photos for your memories.

  1. Try to avoid view obstructing objects. The farther you are away from people and trees, the better your photos will be. Therefore, rooftops and parking garages make great locations for “certain” photos. If you can get to a parking garage with a good view of something, take advantage of the lack of people and high height. Rooftops are hard to get on top of, but they are the perfect place to take quality photos. Any time you can be higher than the general public, is most likely a good time to get beautiful photos of the nearby buildings.
  2. Don’t use flash unless you have a professional camera. Flash on a regular digital point and shoot will be disastrous. All of your photos will likely come out ugly and overly bright. Since Las Vegas is already lit up, you will have all of the light you need. If you are taking photos of people, then flash may be necessary. Otherwise, it really messes up photos and you will go home with nothing to show!
  3. Use tripods, but only during less crowded times. It is frustrating to take photos in a big city with thousands of people walking the street, if you have a tripod. They can be knocked over, broken, and they also crowd walkways. It is extremely rude to try to take a photo with a bulky tripod if other people are trying to walk by. The best thing is to learn to hold still and take a photo without a tripod.
  4. Adhere to the rules. Some hotels, such as the Luxor, have a strict policy on no photography. This is protect those staying in the hotel, but also to protect the hotels image. If you are caught taking photos in the hotel they do have the right to either kick you out, or take your camera. None are worth it just to get a few photos. If you are a professional or own a website for reviews, they may give explicit permission to photograph certain things within the hotel.
  5. Some restaurants are absolutely beautiful, as are most of the malls and shops. If you want to take photos, ask. It is important to respect the privacy of others, and it is extremely rude to take pictures without asking. Plus, if you have permission you are more likely to get in a good shot or two, rather than trying to be sneaky and missing an opportunity.

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