Top Five Asian Countries
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The Top Five Must-See Asian Countries

When you’re planning your next vacation, there are many destinations you can choose from. Asia is often romanticized, and sometimes thought of as homogenous. While it’s true that some countries are more or less homogenous, the different countries of this vast region have very different experiences to offer you.

1. China

The host of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the home of the Great Wall of China, and a country where billions call home. The culture of China is rich and detailed, as its history spans many hundreds of years. It’s modern enough that most tourists won’t be inconvenienced, yet there is still enough ancient culture to keep it interesting.

2. Hong Kong

Although best known for shopping, there are plenty of other Hong Kong activities for tourists. One of the biggest things differentiating Hong Kong from other places is the experience of haggling for your items. Don’t accept the first price named!

3. Thailand

Probably best known for its seedier side, Thailand nonetheless has adventures and cultural experiences galore too. For those interested, there certainly is a hedonistic side to some areas of Bangkok and Phucket, but everything from wildlife sanctuaries to shopping will intrigue you if you aren’t planning to partake of that!

4. Japan

Oh, Japan. There is so much that can be said about this unique country! Japan seems to have an obsession with vending machines, anime and manga characters, unusual districts where the traditional clashes (or even stranger, sometimes peacefully coexists with) the radical and new.

5. South Korea

Having begun to move from agriculture to a more modernized economy, there is nonetheless a beautiful, rural side still to South Korea. Spicy foods and locally brewed firewater with many different flavors make for a great dining experience.

A visit to one of these countries — or, even better, all of them — will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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