Best Cruises in Alaska
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Best Cruises in Alaska

Alaska has a very rugged environment and the best way to experience its best offerings is on a cruise. You can combine the roadways on this state and it will not even cover half the stretch of its coastlines. From the waters, you can have a different perspective of the landscapes, or you can watch bears trying to catch salmons, or simply be amazed with the glaciers.

The cruise lines cater to the different Alaska travel adventures of your liking. Here are some of the best of Alaska cruises you can find:


Regatta is part f the fleet of Oceania Cruises. It is a small ship that can only carry less than 700 passengers. The ship serves exceptional food that puts them close to the best luxury liners of the region except that they are not as expensive. The Regatta houses five restaurants that serve a range of dishes that make use of the freshest produce and catch. They even have a culinary activities to teach their passengers how to properly grill the local halibut, salmon, or maybe prepare a Dungeness crab. If you are foodie, Regatta is for you.

American Safari Cruises

This cruise company has only three ships that can sleep roughly 22 to about 80 people so their offerings walk on the line between cruising and yachting. The small size of the ship also allows you to go almost anywhere. The staff will spot the best adventures for your holiday in Alaska. The ship visits the Glacier Bay, arranges kayaking, and hiking for its passengers among other possible activities. There are also the basics like balconies where you can appreciate the surroundings, heated floors of the bathroom, and even Jacuzzi suites.


This cruise line caters to the dream holiday of luxury travelers in Alaska. The Silversea offers is passengers Bulgari amenities, cooking classes on board, private planes to the Misty Fjords, or even dogsledding on the Mendenhall Glacier. Silversea offers a week-long trip and tag prices start at $3,600 per individual. This journey will take you Seward going north or Vancouver going south. There are also stops to watch icebergs as high as buildings calving in the fjord of Tracy Arm

Lindblad Expeditions

Linblad voyages has partnered with National Geographic, and with the second name included in the equation, you know journeys will be expeditions. Your excursions will be led by naturalists with expertise in geology, botany, and marine biology. They will lead you in exploring the natural wonders of Alaska. You will be hiking or kayaking to get closer to what ever tickles their and your curiosity. A professional videographer is even on board who takes HD films of sea lions, octopi, kelp forests, and other life forms. He then shares this over dinner to the passengers.

Disney Cruises

If you will be traveling with kids, this cruise line to Alaska is for you. This company has mastered the art of catering to families. They have age-specific activities for everyone to ensure that both the oldies and youngsters are having fun. The teens can have activities ranging from dance nights to chopper rides to the Juneau Ice Field. The kiddos will have dance lessons from their favorite Disney character or even learn how to draw. The adults have a ton of things to do from bars, great food, pools, and clubs.

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