Top 5 destinations for Valentine’s Day
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Top 5 destinations for Valentine’s Day

It’ coming! Very soon will come the day when you can seduce your beloved again. Did you prepare? I think no one can’t stand to a proposition like: “Let’s go to …” . According to her(his) temper I would suggest you the following:

1. London, Glosvenor House. Very fine and very exquisite.

2. Safari in Tansania, for adventurers.

3. Sun bathing in Rio.

4. Bora-Bora. A place for your own, no crowded squares.

5. New York, New York

Some of these destinations must be already familiar to you, from my former presentations. So, read please all the posts, the old ones and the newcoming ones to keep you informed with the best destinations. And don’t forget to reply me after visiting those places, or simply to tell me about what you think about this site!

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