The lethal K2
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The lethal K2

11 climbers, adventurers, alienists, or whatsoever found the dead on the Himalayan K2 peak for a short time.

K2 is the world’s second-highest peak, but it is said to be the most dangerous. Let the facts speak: during this year 2600 people reached the Everest peak, and only 305 completed the ascension of K2!

K2 is really a world wonder. Looks great, mysterious, and sometimes claims its rights and victims. Seems that the Gods of the peak are sometimes very upset.

The 11 deads from the K2 are victims of lack of experience and melting glaciers. Let them rest in peace. I think they died very happy.

In 1986 other 13 people died on K2 due to a strong storm.

K2 is also named Ketu or Qogir, and lies on the border between Pakistani and China, in the Karakoram segment of the Himalayan range.

You can get the peak ( 8611 m or 28251 feet) by Abruzzi Spur, from Pakistan ( the Italian Count of Abruzzi was one of the first people trying to conquer the peak in 1909 ) or by the North Ridge, from China ( a much more difficult way ). None of these paths are for beginners. You must be fit, skilled, and very well equipped.

Climbing mountains is not a children’s play, and the dangerous K2 deserves special attention.

But once on the top of the world, you feel yourself to be a winner. The sight is generous, and the feelings overwhelming.

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