Gambling in the amazing Las Vegas
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Gambling in the amazing Las Vegas

think that gambling tourism is a specific way of tourism. I also mentioned this way of tourism in one of my prior posts.

This way of making tourism is not very old ( 200 years I would say)  and its major targets are Macau and Las Vegas.

Gambling in Las Vegas is a legend, which also made Las Vegas becoming a legend. This amazing city is very young ( founded in 1902 as a railway station). In 1936 not far from Vegas was build the Boulder Dam, which boosted the tourism in the area.

In 1946 the first casino was opened in Las Vegas, and after that followed many others. Today this city already counts 2 000 000 inhabitants, being one of the most dynamic American cities.

Gambling in the amazing Las Vegas

But what makes actually this wonderful city so special? It is a kind of magic, after all! It has the highest rate of suicides and divorces in the U.S. and is maybe the most lightened city on Earth.

Gaming industry feeds the travel and food industry. Vegas also attracted manufacturers of electronic games and telecommunication companies, which made it look so glamorous!

Everybody knows for sure some casinos in Vegas: Horseshoe, Caesars Palace, Golden Nugget etc are also legendary worldwide. The trend nowadays is directed to gaming megaresorts. Some of the world’s biggest hotels are located in Las Vegas ( having each thousand of rooms)

It is not easy to stay cheap in Vegas, but you can try the Las Vegas Hotel Discount through the Luxor Offer Codes!

And if you get the targeted discount, you can gamble with the spare money and become overnight a millionaire! But you must be tough and have the nerve, all the major casinos are controlled by the American Mafia! Hit and run, I wish you good luck! Or, at least, visit Las Vegas.

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