Living in a megacity
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Living in a megacity

I wonder where is the man more human, more sociable: in a megacity, in a small village, or in jungle tribe?

I met so many people of all these types, and I must say everyone has something special! All are human beings, but with strong differences between them. Everyone acts different to the same things. But they are still humans, that is why I love humans! Because they are so different.

First of all, what is a megacity? You can name some examples like Tokyo, Mexico City, New York etc., but I still wait for the definition. Briefly: a megacity is a city with a huge population(15 to 20 millions inhabitants) and big surface , facing megaproblems (trafic jams, air pollution, environment). It must be exciting to live in a megacity, but I do not do it for the moment. Please tell me, dear inhabitants of the megacities, what makes you living all those molochs! Do it quickly, do it now, here or on the forum.

The poverty appears maybe more pregnant in the megacities of the poor developping countries (Calcutta, Mumbai, Djakarta, Sao Paolo etc). But you can see poor man and baggers also in New York, which remains a legend between megacities.

A megacity is worse than the jungle. You don’t know your neighbors, they don’t help you with anything.

On the other hand, a megacity offers so many possibilities, even megapossiblities. Mention only the megaculture resulting through melting so many different customs, languages, dishes etc . You will not find a big library in a small town, but in a megacity.

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