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4 Startling Restaurant Themes and Travel Destinations

I often look forward to tasting the local delicacy whenever I visit a particular country. In China, I’d scour the streets for their best noodle restaurants while in Hong Kong, it was the deliciously hot snack foods that I crave. In the United States I’d look for the best hot dog stands and in France it was pasta I am constantly hankering after. But what happens when the food is not the only thing that’s interesting in an outlet, but the overall theme itself? Let’s look at some of the most startling restaurant themes all over the world.

1. Cannibalistic Sushi, Tokyo, Japan

You don’t have to be a cannibal to enjoy eating at this outlet although it may gross out some foodies. If you heard about the naked sushi concept whereby sushi is eaten off a naked female’s body instead of off a conveyor belt, you will be glad to find that there are no actual bodies involved in this restaurant, just man-made EDIBLE ones. The body is crafted by expert chefs to include blood in the form of sticky sauces, and then served by waitresses dressed like workers in a morgue using scalpels. The patrons then scoop out the edible organs and enjoy their meal!

2. Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan

The saying goes “Don’t shit where you eat” does NOT apply in this restaurant. This theme eatery is filled to the toilet brim with well, toilet paraphernalia. Drinks are drunk from tiny urinal shaped glasses and food served in containers served in all shapes and types of toilet bowls. It’s not as disgusting as it looks in fact many patrons have attested to the fact that the food can be quite yummy despite the unusual way of serving!

3. Pitch Black Restaurant, Beijing, China

Have you heard of the “Pitch Black” movie starring Vin Diesel, the predecessor to the movie “Chronicles of Riddick”? It seems that this restaurant’s concept was based on the movie and yes, it is indeed PITCH BLACK inside! Patrons eat in complete darkness and it is said that their other senses are heightened. Perhaps this makes the food more delicious?

4. Vampire Cafe, Ginza, Japan

Goths and those with a love of vampires will love it here, not to mention Twilight and Robbert Pattinson fans too. The cafe boasts of an otherworldly red interior, velvet linens, red candles and other gothic decor items. Don’t expect to find real blood served in the menu but you CAN request to have your steak done very, very rare…

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