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Best Attractions In Ireland

There is rarely a place so beautiful that can be found anywhere, then that of Ireland. From the renowned architecture, to the scenic views of the Irish countryside, it draws people from all over the world, who are looking to experience it for themselves, and anyone who has ever set foot on it’s rolling green hills will tell you that it is worth every penny for the trip, and then some.

But if all of this is not enough to get you to book your trip, you may be interested in knowing about the many of incredible attractions in Ireland that offer great sightseeing, history, culture, and entertainment opportunities. Everyone who has been there will have their own recommendations, and I am no different, so here is a list of my favorite attractions in Ireland, and a few of the reasons I find myself going back again, and again.

* The Irish Museum of Modern Art

Located in Kilmainham, in what used to be the main building for the Royal Hospital, this museum is a fairly new attraction, compared to many other draws in Dublin. Only opened since 1991, it is the single most authority of modern art in Ireland, and home to hundreds of works of art, from some of the most famous modern artists of the age. It is opened every day, except for Monday, and it has some great guided tours that shouldn’t be missed.

1. The National Gallery of Ireland

Another of this country’s museums, The National Gallery of Ireland is home to classic pieces, all timeless reminders of the best of Europe’s art community, featuring many amazing paintings that will leave you awed. They also offer tours to each area of the massive collections, and you can learn quite a bit about the artists there, as well as the inspiration behind their masterpieces.

2. Dublin Zoo

A great place to take the kids, Dublin Zoo is a local, and tourist, favorite. Spanning over 65 full acres, it has a large variety of species, each living in their own, specially made habitats. I, myself, love the Arctic habitat, and the ‘World of Primates’, where you can see either penguins, or a wide range of monkeys, and gorillas. There are quite a few educational opportunities here, so it’s a wonderful place to take your children, where they can allow both their imaginations, and their minds, roam wild.

3. The Point Theater

Given the fact that this building has housed everything from an ice rink, to an opera house, the The Point Theater is one of those places you will want to see, just for the sake of being there before it once again metamorphosis into something new. Located in Dublin, just next to the East Link Toll Bridge, it holds thousands of concerts annually, as well as various exhibits throughout the year. It can hold over 8,000 people, but tickets for their shows sell out fast, so be sure to book yours’s early.

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