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All about Seoul

Seoul Korea, the real city that never sleeps. Within Seoul you will find countless entertainment venues, beautiful lights and sounds, and food beyond your wildest dreams. Seoul bustles with life after dark, and people fill the streets and shops. This is the city that never sleeps, and one that you will not soon forget.

You should visit this city when the weather conditions aren’t as severe. While all seasons here are unique and interesting, Autumn is usually the most comfortable. In the fall months you will experience bright colours on the trees, warm but sunny weather, and minimal rain. Winter is usually cold and wet, but it is a good time for winter sports. Summer is wet and extremely hot, but still fun if you would like to participate in some of the summer events.

While here you can take taxi’s, bus, tram, boat, or your own car or motocycle. Taxi rides can become quite expensive, but tipping isn’t required here. Buses are likely the cheapest but may also take the longest and become the most confusing. Trams are best for short distances when you are simply too tired to walk, and car rentals are by far the best choice to minimize getting lost or dealing with drivers. The SeoulStation offers the 350km/h train, which will get you to your destination in the blink of an eye. Experiencing some of the public transportation here is an amazing chance to experience the city for what it really is!

A trip to Seoul is only as expensive as you make it. Since tipping isn’t required or even expected here, you will save some money by simply not tipping at all! Food and hotel are moderately priced. If you plan to splurge and go with luxury hotel and food, then obviously your trip will cost much more! You can minimize your travel expenses by not purchasing extra things, and by booking far in advanced. The more you plan ahead the cheaper your trip will be. It doesn’t hurt to travel during the down months either, which is usually Autumn!

When visiting this city you can experience the food, the culture, museums, and shopping areas. There really isn’t any restrictions on what you can find. You may be surprised by some of the things you stumble across, but for the most part everything is thoroughly enjoyable. The museums and parks here are truly something to behold, and make for a great day out and about.

When visiting Seoul you can expect to do plenty of walking. Even with public transportation, elevators, and escalators, you will most likely be on your feet. This can mean walking for 9 hours each day, with the exception of sitting down for meals and entertainment. You can also expect very few people to know English. You may want to take a translation book with you so you are not scammed or ripped off!

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