how to plan a trip to taj mahal
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How to Plan a Trip to Taj Mahal

How to Plan a Trip to Taj Mahal?, So, remember: you are deep in love and you decided to go during your honeymoon in the strange, fascinating and unbelievable India.

Taj Mahal is in my opinion a temple of love. In other specialists opinion it is a funeral monument.

Let them believe what they want, that is why they are really specialists! Taj Mahal is simply a wonderful monument of hindu art. It lies in Agra,India on the river of Jumna and was build by the emperor(maharajah) Shah-Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is build from white marble, and decorated with inclusions of colored marble and versets of the Quran. A huge building on a eight sided plane, dominated by a huge arch(47 meters diametre)

There are lot of legends about Taj Mahal. According to one of them, it was build with blind people, who could not see how beautiful it is. Rabrindanath Tagore, the greatest Indian poet and Nobel prized, said about Taj Mahal: it is a tear on the mankind nice pillow!

Reaching India, you might believe to discover familiar places, even if you know for sure that you have never seen them before! Do not try to call your mama or grandma, in this life you were not there! But maybe in another one, in a precedent life! This is karma and reincarnation, the milestone of the budhist beliefs.

Going further with this judgement and supose that you are an almighty maharajah a few centuries ago! Very deep in love and very happy with you beloved sexy wife. You and her making love as often is possible and melting with the univers (these are the bases of kamasutra).

But suddenly, on unknown reasons, she dies! This is karma, her karma and your karma. But what to do after such a deep loss and wound. You could simply go mad, but you can not allow this, you are a maharajah. You can run to other many women, noone will resist to you, or you can start an addiction to alcohol or other drugs(but only the westerners would do that! An indian not, it would very bad for his karma!)

What else to do? You strive for life, which is going on and on, and try to have the both of them: an aethernal remember of your beloved and a huge creative force, which will give a magnificent result. A temple of love and joy, a temple of your beloved, and for all newcomers which will come and learn about story.

It is by far the most beautiful temple of love in the all world. A good introduction to India, karma, kamasutra and the oriental magic. Do not miss it under any reason.

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