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Go wild, go to Kenya – Kenya Wildlife Safari

Kenya Wildlife Safari

You will encounter a complete different world: savage, primitive, incredible beautiful(remember the movie “Out of Africa”-Karen Blixen, the screen player was born in Kenya) . Do not dare to say “simply poetry”, it is real. You will melt with the nature, you will feel a strong emotion, penetrating your saw, in an unique experience.

Back to numbers: 583 000 sq-km, where you can find not less than 11 nature parks. Among them Tsavo,one of the world biggest.

Do not think that is impossible to find luxury hotels in Kenya! I will recommend Mombasa, on the coast of the Indian Ocean. It is very well known for its beaches surrended by palm trees and for the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Mombasaitself is a strange combination between old( it was discovered and founded by Vasco da Gama in 1498) and modern.

On Nyali beaches you can admire the coral reefs from transparent boots. Here you can find maybe the best restaurant from Kenya : the Tamarind. Do not forget to eat fish and sea fruits, as you are in the honeymoon, remember? They have special effects and are very good cooked indeed.

Do not worry for the cuisine: you can choice between french, indian(it is a strong minority of Indians), Chinese, mixed and local. You will not be disappointed choicing the lasts, you will even ask for the recipes! Taste Nyama Choma, it is absolutely delicious!

Not far from Mombasa there is the crocodile farm. Do not miss it, there are not many similar on Earth!

Never forget your camera, as you always have something to take! Visit Hamburg, a semi natural park, but do not go alone. Take a guide better . Visit Lake Nakuru, surrender by hundreds of pink flamingos.

You can hire cheap good cars, as the roads are practicable, but not excellent. Do not travel in April-june because heavy rains. Do not be afraid of four or five stars hotels, the rates are completely acceptable, 30-40 euros for each person every night. Take care permanently to your money and cards. You can buy very nice handicrafts as souvenirs! Do not forget to handle for getting good prices!

I usually recommend Kenya to young couples for their honeymoon. Because Kenya is hot, is wild, is very alive. That is why you can go wild yourself!

Ernest Hemingway himself was very close to Kenya, visited it more times, and even wrote a good book about it, namely “The snows on Kilimanjaro”. It is amazing, but very close to Ecuador the Mount Kilimanjaro is always covered with snows. Easy to explain, I agree, as the tallest Africa’s mountain, but not less impressive.

Actually all the country is a tall plateau or mountains. The inhabitants are therefore very well trained for the long athletic runs(5000 meters, 10000 meters, marathon) and Kenya gave since centuries many great athletes(e.g. Bikila Abebe, remember him? He was really a legend!).

Only a small strip on the coast of the Indian Ocean looks like a plain. Hier is Mombassa, one of your must to see in Kenya, with some unique beaches indeed.

A safari is another one must! But don’t feel yourself compelled to kill defenceless animals, you need only to live and enjoy those precious moments!

Discover Kenya going wild, I will help you. More about Kenya very soon!

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