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Monument Valley – What to Do and How to Be Safe

Monument Valley Utah is a perfect nature lovers attraction. It is part of the Grand Circle of national parks in the Southwestern United States. Monument Valley is composed of sandstone buttes that jut from the earth. Many are as high as 1,000 feet. These formations are often though of as mountains, but are mesas and buttes. This area is dry and arid and extremely hot during the summer, and colder in the winter months. Monument Valley is a beloved symbol of the Southwest, and many movies include the landscapes as a crucial part of the backdrop and scenes.

If you plan to hike the area or visit it, be prepared in every manner possible. You may want to include this as part of a national park itinerary. It is ideal to arrive late at night to the area and stay at a nearby hotel. There are numerous cabins, bed and breakfasts, and comfortable hotels. Most are within a decent price range. Staying at one of these overnight is an ideal way to leave in the early morning for a hike in Monument Valley.

Once you make the drive to the area, you can park at the designated parking areas. Once here you can walk in any direction, really. The fast area is home to a wonderful landscape and breathtaking buttes. The morning sunrise over the horizon is truly something to see, same for the sunset. You can take hiking tours as well, but these are quite pricey and range from $40 to $100. If you have the money then these are the best way to enjoy the environ

If you are daring and have the extra funds, a horseback tour through the Valley is ideal. On horseback you can experience the southwest as it was experienced decades ago by cowboys and the natives of the area. Hot air balloon rides are also part of the activities in the area. Again, if funds permit then the a horseback tour and hot air balloon ride is highly recommended for all.

This area is rough on even experienced hikers. You must be prepared with the proper gear. In the summer, extra water and food is a must. If you are taking the 17 mile scenic route drive via car, then extra water isn’t as necessary. However, who really wants to experience such magnificent beauty from the inside of a car?

Nearby restaurants are limited to mom and pop cafes and pizzerias. These are far and few between, so if you are hungry and not overly picky, stop at one of them and fill up. Gas may be hard to come across as well, so fueling up is extremely important so you do not run out of gas while in the middle of a vast desert. Nearby are the famous Grand Canyon parks, Mesa Verde, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion, Capitol Reef, and Natural Bridges National Monument. There are plenty of other nature attractions that are both stunning and memorable. A trip here is well worth dealing with the extreme conditions.

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