Zion National Park: Every Hikers Dream
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Zion National Park: Every Hikers Dream

Zion National Park is the oldest park in Utah. It has deep beautiful canyons, hiking trails that stun, and wonderful facilities. There are four main sections of the park that can be visited, each offering their own adventures and attractions.

The first area is the Zion Canyon area. It is easily the most popular part of the park. Inside this “section” you will find the Court of the Patriarchs, Emerald Pools, Angels Landing, and Riverside trail otherwise known as The Narrows. Angels landing is often referred to as one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world. People come here from all corners of the earth to experience the breathtaking and awe inspiring surroundings. The Narrows is actually an uphill river hike, which is very different from many hikes that experienced hikers are used to. You will most likely hike in the river the entire time. Emerald pools are composed of waterfalls and three different hiking trail levels.

The Kolob Canyon area is a deep canyon cliff area where deep red sandstone and canyons run down to the earth. This section isn’t as popular, but that is why it remains a popular spot amongst those that understand its beauty. The trailheads here will lead you to stunning and possibly vertigo inducing mountain tops. Some of the hiking trails here are especially strenuous and should not be taken by those that are not fit and prepared to climb.

Kolob terrace is a backcountry area that is hard to navigate and best for only the most experienced hikers. However, hiking here is highly rewarding and beautiful. This area is also quite primitive so you will need to be prepared with enough water and food for your entire hike. There is also a slot canyon in the area known as the Subway. It is also quite a challenge to navigate, so be wary. There are also scenic drive routes in the park, but may not be best for big vehicles or drivers that are not experienced in the mountain driving areas.

The rest of what you do here is entirely up to you. There are numerous opportunities to see rare wildlife, and push your body to the limits. Many people feel that hiking in the area is similar to a spiritual experience. It is simply serene and calming, with very few people to disturb your hike or experience.

When hiking in Zion National Park, you must be careful. Always avoid wildlife and be sure to bring plenty of water. In the winter, keep warm because snow is common. Always wear the appropriate footwear and have the necessary food on hand to keep you satiated and hydrated. The summer months are equally as dangerous because of the high temperatures and sun. Wear sun block and keep your skin covered at all times to prevent dehydration. Many people recommend staying completely wet in the summer to keep the body cool, that isn’t such a bad idea if you plan on taking long hikes here!

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