The Land of Smiles – Another Look at Thailand
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The Land of Smiles – Another Look at Thailand

The World Famous Floating Market

Hidden away in a corner of Southeast Asia is the wonderful and rather unique country of Thailand.  Often a much over-looked holiday destination, one can be assured of a once in a lifetime experience when visiting this award winning holiday destination.

The capital of Thailand is a city known as Bangkok and it is the largest Southeast Asia and one of the largest cities in the world. There is nothing like quite like a trip to this amazing metropolis which seems to be a sprawling mass of building after building.

But perhaps that illustrates the reason Bangkok has so much charm.  It’s not so much the city people love, but the nature of Thai people who will stop at nothing with their hospitality and eagerness to please.

Thailand is most famous for its unique cuisine which is as colorful as it is spicy.  Thai food has gained worldwide acclaim for the way it blends Asian flavors together creating dishes which can be sweet, spicy, sour and salty all at the same time!

a Temple in Thailand

The Thai people are devout Buddhists and temples are hidden amongst skyscrapers and dotted along the river, the very same river which is known as the Chaopraya, and brought the City to so much popularity back in the early 1900s when Thailand had its first boom.

Bangkok Sunset

The Land of Smiles also makes a wonderful Land of Luxury, and with almost everything you could ever imagine from the finest five star hotels down to cheap and affordable guesthouses, this wonderful country will leave you longing for another visit after it provides you with the ultimate vacation with its variety of beaches, islands and relaxing retreats.

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