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When the night falls, go to the bar Zoom It, next to the Santa Claus Hotel. Here you can take a drink, in order to attack Onella!

Onella is the biggest and the best club from Rovaniemi and from Arctic Circle. You can find here four rooms, six bars. In every room you can hear another type of music, and my tip is to go directly to the rock dedicated room. This is the only place in Rovaniemi where you can drink and smoke simutaneously. In any other place the law forbids this combination. Enjoy your drinks(vodka based cocktails) and prepare your night (in the honeymoon you can enjoy also the  uninterrupted polar night).

In the morning, sleep lately and enjoy the breakfast. After that, in winter visit the Santa Claus Village and feel yourself like a kid again. Cross the arctic Circle!

In sommer, take walks and trips in the neighborhood. The nature is gorgeous, the landscapes wonderful. Visit the new church with an incredible architecture, go fishing. Visit the reindeers farms. In restaurants you can order reindeer meat, but please do not do it at night, as the portions are big and it is not very easy to digest!

More about Rovaniemi coming soon!

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