Things to do in Greece
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Things to do in Greece

Greece is a beautiful and wonderful country, most areas of the country lies between several mountains, gorges, and islands. There are lots of historic monuments in the country, especially in the capital, Athens. Most of these buildings date back to several thousands years ago.

The country is very rich in historic origin, and most of these attraction sites in the country have their background to ancient and religious times.

For tourists who visit the country, there are several top class hotels available for maximum comfort; hotels such as Electra Palace, Polis Grand Hotel, Melia hotel, Sofitel airport hotel, as well as Athens gate are some of the top class hotel in the capital city of Athens to give a visitor the ideal and perfect accommodating experience. There also several activities those are available to enjoy in order having a fantastic vacation experience.

If you prefer to stay in the capital, Athens, this city harbors most of the attractions sites in Greece. From the Acropolis in the city center, National Archeological Museum to the Benaki Museum, they all give insight of the rich historic origin of the country.

* During vacation, take a trip to the beautiful Aegean Sea, there is a lovely beach experience awaiting visitors here, you could sit here and enjoy the experience of a wonderful evening sunset, you could also enjoy a simple picnic on the beach, and enjoy a relax and sweet breath of fresh air from the sea. * Enjoy an entertaining evening, by attending the Hellenic Festival, held at the Odeon of Herodes Alticus Theater in the heart Athens; it is an opportunity to watch live performances from popular national artist. * Take a bus tour of the city of Athens, and have the privilege of seeing the site of the ancient Olympic Games, here is also the site of the temple of the great Greek god, the temple of Zeus as well as seeing the statue of Zeus which is one of the greatest Seven Wonders of the World. * For art lovers, the ideal place to visit and have a wonderful art experience is to visit the national archeological museum in the city of Athens, this museum is the largest in the country and there are thousand of art works on display. * Enjoy watching a film festival in the city of Thessalonica, this is usually held in the month of November, and if you are privilege to visit the country at this time, it is an opportunity to witness one of the world greatest film festival. * Visit the Kallaiarmaron, stadium in the city of Athens, and see the site where the ancient panathenaic games were held, you will surely marvel at the beauty of this site. * You could also go for some bird watching and fun in the Nestos Delta Lakes located in Thrace, this is the ideal place to have fun watching thousands of species of beautiful birds, in this place, and watching birds with various colors here will surely thrill you.

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