Top Lake Vacations in the World
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Top Lake Vacations in the World

Already dreading the summer heat? Why not go on a lake vacation? Whether in Asia or in Europe, different parts of the world offer great lakes for you to dive into, in order to beat the heat. From top lakes in Canada or in the US, to the best ones in Japan and Europe, whether you plan to camp out beside a lake, or have a beauty rest on sheets using Egyptian-cotton at a top resort, there’s surely a vacation in this list which is sure to have you start packing and dreaming of that cool vacation.

Lake Taupo in New Zealand

Whether you prefer to go golfing, soaking in a mineral spa, sunbathing, or diving off a cliff, New Zealand’s Lake Taupo is their best lake vacation. Beside you are huge volcanoes, snowcapped peaks, and green mountainsides. It’s the southern hemisphere’s biggest lake, and it has plenty of spectacular spots that the trilogy of films, “Lord of the Rings” was mostly staged here.

It’s also a wonderful place for a relaxing spa, as there are a lot of mineral springs around. Skydiving, jet skiing, bungee jumping, parasailing and whitewater rafting are some of the activities for the brave and adventurous at heart. But for those who are accustomed to life’s finer pleasures, the Huka Lodge is one of the best in the world, and England’s Queen can attest to that, as she has been a visitor for several occasions already.

Lake Kawaguchi in Japan

Mt. Fuji in Japan is already a sight to behold, but its spectacular beauty is pushed further by the five lakes surrounding it (known as Fujigoko); these are five serene pools found at the base of the mountain’s surrounding foothills. For the most accessible, Lake Kawaguchi is a favorite, also for its arresting beauty and size. It is easy to go to as it connects to Tokyo through public transport.

Those who wish to conquer the mountain or just to take in the view stay in its resort, but you can also go boating and fishing, as well as have a relaxing time in the hot springs nearby. Aside from the summer season, spring is also a great time to visit, as the mountain is reflected in the water, but also the wonderful cheery blossoms that grow along the northern shores of the lake. Lake Como in Italy

Once praised by Stendhal himself as having unparalleled loveliness, Lagi di Como is a posh place that perhaps offers the most topnotch lakeside comforts in the world. Just an hour away from the apartments and flats in Milan, this is one of beautiful Italy’s most favorite spots when it comes to lake vacations, as it has plenty of luxurious resorts and villas that have attracted many of the rich and popular ones ever since the Roman Empire, including George Clooney, who even bought one of the villas.

The villages are framed by steep hills lining the Lake’s banks, and gorgeous villas are draped with bougainvillea, setting the right romantic atmosphere and architecture. The Renaissance is still very much alive here, especially in Villa d’Este; an outstanding hotel famous for the jaw-dropping fountains, 16th century architecture, a shorefront location, and its rambling gardens. Lake District in England

If Stendhal enjoyed Italy, other great writers like Keats, Charlotte Bronte, and Tennyson have immortalized England’s Lake District, as they looked for inspiration in its spectacularly splendid shores. Naturally a favorite in Great Britain, the district is 35 miles wide, centered in the Cumbria county, boasting of gentle knolls, moody waters and scenic hamlets. The largest lake in England, Lake Windermere, is its focal point, widely known for its cruises, water sports, and sunny shores.

If you’re tired of swimming and other water sports, you can head on to several residences where famous writers have taken solace in; nearby Grasmere saw the Romanticist William Wordsworth, whereas the child in you will love Beatrix Potter’s 17th century place, where she wrote a lot of her best-loved children’s books. If you’re into historical sites, visit the Birdoswald Roman Fort; a huge, looming monument built by the Romans in Britain, way back AD 122. This is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lake Mead in Nevada

30 miles off Las Vegas’ scorching heat is the huge Hoover Dam, staunching the Colorado River’s flow. Yet what keeps the visitors is Lake Mead; this large lake ends up dammed in the basins on its north and northeast side. It is also the biggest man-made wonder in America, and the National Recreation Area provides this warm region with cool refuge as well as practically limitless recreational activities in an unlikely desert setting.

If you want to fish swim, boat, scuba dive or water ski, Lake Mead is the place for you; a swirl of activities such as fishermen reeling in striped bass, catfish, and trout, and windsurfers and water-skiers go by canoeists and kayakers. This huge space has room for everyone, surrounded by a shoreline of 550 miles, picnic areas, and beaches. A fun paddle-wheeler cruise can also take you out to tour the dam and lake. Finger Lakes in New York

Right in-between the north border of Pennsylvania and Lake Ontario is New York’s Finger Lake district; a popular hangout during summer for the young and old alike. Locals from Rochester and Syracuse come, including those from out of town who are initially attracted by the comfy lakeside retreats, but end up being won over by the sloping vineyards, historical sites, annual festivals and wine trails.

All these around beautiful lakes—all eleven of them, blue and slender, paralleling each other like long, elegant fingers. These are then punctuated with beautiful waterfalls and gorges. Two of the favorites are Seneca Lake, the longest and deepest, and Keuka, with pristine water. They are considered to be the most beautiful, and are widely appreciated by tourists, as they offer several recreational water activities as well.

Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada

Right in beautiful Sierra Nevada, bordering Nevada and California, this place has enchanted travelers for ages. Though many know it as a wintertime destination because of its top class ski resorts, summertime is also great here. When the water warms, water sports, boating and fishing are famous, and travelers going to the sandy beaches enjoy cooling off, canoeing, or pedal boating.

Some simply enjoy taking in the sights by hiking the surrounding wilderness and parks. At night, casinos call the hopefuls, but if that isn’t your thing, you can always join a cruise where you can enjoy dinner and go dancing.

North Hatley in Canada

The shape of a horseshoe around Lake Massawippi, this is the best lake destination in the whole of Quebec, and perhaps most of Canada. The summertime destination of industry captains down south, they chose to spend the time here rather than in New England. Settled by the United Empire Loyalists that left the US after the Declaration of Independence, what resulted was a posh place filled with Southern-style palaces, a lot having been converted into inns. Restaurants serve classy wines and gourmet cuisine.

Summer is a great time to visit, though autumn and spring are the best for those who have the extra cash. Fall foliagecover the hills during September, and juice from cider mills are excellent. Thousand Islands in US and Canada

Along the Canadian and US borders in Ontario and New York, Thousand Islands is a great lakeside vacation spot and known for its salad dressing. There are literally thousands of islands around the place, perfect for rest and relaxation. There are sandy shores, granite cliffs and tall pines; mostly privately owned by cottagers who love the fishing, swimming, and boating activities during summer.

With a lot of campsites, state parks, boat tours, and even beautiful villages within the area, it’s a great spot to spend some time here and enjoy Mother Nature at its finest. Lake Superior in US and Canada

Considered to be the mother of all lakes, as well as the world’s biggest freshwater lake, there are 2,800 miles for you to discover in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan or Ontario. Michigan’s Isle Royale National Park is a favorite among nature lovers for its 4.5 miles along Lake Superior, boasting beautiful hiking trails, waters laden with shipwrecks, lighthouses, mining sites and campgrounds.

The park can only be reached through float plane or boat, as it doesn’t have any roads. This also allows it to be a peaceful and unspoiled vacation spot (doubling as a Biosphere Reserve in the US). Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario is known for its offshore canyons and rocky coasts flanking Lake Superior’s waters. Activities like hunting, kayaking, hiking, canoeing, wildlife viewing, and fishing are available. Campsites have toilets and electricity (perfect for those who want the outdoors but are afraid of completely cutting themselves off), and beaches are suited for a nice swim.

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