Adventure tour France
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Adventure tour France

If you are interested in adventure holidays, then France can be an excellent destination as it has some of the most challenging and scenic countryside in Europe, with high mountains ranges that offer superior climbing and skiing conditions, and miles of coastline that suits a whole range of different water activities. France also has a number of fast running rivers and natural gorges that offer perfect conditions for white water rafting, such as the Isere and Dora Baltee rivers.

One of the highest mountain peaks in Europe, Mont Blanc is located in the stunning French Alps, and there are a number of excellent hiking and climbing opportunities in this area that will challenge all skill levels. Thousands of people flock to the Alps each year to scale the mountain ranges and see the breathtaking scenery, and of course there are the many famous luxury ski resorts, which take advantage of the perfect conditions for skiing and other winter sports. If you are interested in hiking and trekking there is also the Pyrenees Mountain in the south west of France, which offer some amazing views and landscapes.

France is famous for its cycling tours, and the moderate sweeping landscapes of Bordeaux and Burgundy are perfect for beginners, with plenty of stops off a wineries and vineyards to break up the trip. If you are looking for a more challenging cycling adventure then there are some longer tours across the Loire Valley region, which boasts some of the most cultural landscape in France, with many historic towns and villages and some fantastic architectural monuments such as the famous Château de Valençay.

The coastline in France is just as diverse as the countryside, including wide sandy beaches and rocky outcrops, and offers a wealth of water activities including sailing, swimming, diving and fishing. There are also some challenging cliff faces that are popular with climbers, such as the limestone cliffs of Calanques in the south.

To find out more about adventure holidays in France you can visit the official French tourist board website, or you could browse through the various independent travel companies that specialise in adventure holidays in this area, such as French Fusion or Headwater.

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