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So, it’s morning. So, you must drink your coffee. But what a kind of coffee? A few decades ago an average coffee drinker would have answer only through weak or strong. Today the choice is huge, and you may wait answers like Robusta or Arabica; beans or roasted; or even Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia etc. The coffee drinkers refined their taste in an unbelievable manner, as this one is one of the most spread and acceptable addiction. Fact is, that drinking coffee helps  to improve brain activity and memory. But only if you stop to 1 or 2 cups daily. If you drink more it can even worse your memory, showing also other side effects.

So, let’s stay to that coffee cup you are drinking with friends and is a wonderful occasion for chat. Aren’t you curios to know where does it come from? Today everyone wanna know everything, and the coffee drinkers are no exception.  They want to search the coffee plantations around the world and watch the miraculous beans in different stages. With so many coffee drinkers around the world wishing to see the coffee farms, the coffee trips are booming. First of all the basics: coffee grows only in hot moisture places, between The Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Which is anyway an area worth to be visited! I picked up some destinations for you, being in my opinion the best coffee trips you can get. Enjoy them!

1. Brazil is the world’s biggest coffee producer, and you can find there very good managed huge plantation, or small family owned farms. The most spectacular time for visit is the harvesting, taking place from July to September. As a coffee addicted, you may not be disappointed about the green grains, which still require drying and roasting.

Brazil is a wonderful coffee land, the biggest producer worldwide

2.Colombia offers in its mountain regions around Bogota excellent conditions for coffee. The Colombian coffee is very tasty, but a little acid. That’s why the big producers of packed coffee offer usually mixes containing Colombian coffee.

Colombia is an important producer of excellent sort of coffee.

3.Ethiopia is, historically speaking, the first coffee producer in the world. Coffee originates in the Ethiopian province of Kaffa. Starting from Kaffa, Ethiopia the delicious beverage we love so much conquered all the world.

Ethiopia is the first coffee producer in the world. At least historically thinking.

4.Kenya is great as a tourist destination or as a coffee land. You can even take part to the auctions following shortly the harvesting period, buying some coffee for yourself.

A coffee farm in Kenya

5.Sumatra is the most important of  Indonesia‘s 17 000 island, and also the biggest coffee producer. Between coffee tours (you will find here mostly Arabica) and tastes you can discover the Sumatra’s rich wild life.

Sumatra is the most important coffee site among other 17 000 Indonesia islands

6.Hawaii and Kuna Island, to be more precisely, are a great coffee destination. In Kuna Island you can discover a special sort of coffee, with the most beautiful coffee beans in the world.

Kuna Island in Hawaii will show a special sort of coffee

7.Jamaica offers the most expensive coffee worldwide. Jamaica‘s best coffee farms are to find in a small area nearby the Blue Mountains.

Jamaica and the Blue Mountains offer a very expensive, but very tasty coffee

8.Rwanda is recovering after the big war and the big genocide from few years ago, and grows coffee to live wealth.

Rwanda is trying to rule a peaceful life by growing coffee

9.Mexico is an important producer, mainly in the Area of Chiapas, Veracruz and Oaxaca with the renowned brands of  Tapachula, Huixta, organic grown Pluma, and Altura.

Mexico makes a great coffee trip

10.Guatemala consists mainly of mountains, and the periodical eruptions make the soil richer and the coffee tasting better.

Guatemala Mountains by Antigua offer best conditions for coffee farming

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