Help Planning Your Trip to Hawaii
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Help Planning Your Trip to Hawaii

If your traveling to Hawaii you want to go prepared and know a little bit about the islands. Obviously you’re going to do a little research so to help you out here’s a little bit to get you started on your Hawaii vacation planning.

First off you should know that there are 4 major islands with 2 smaller islands but also tourist destinations. The 4 major islands are Oahu, Maui, The Big Island, and Kauai. The other two are Lanai and Molokai. The heaviest populated Hawaiian island is Oahu. This is the one with Pearl Harbor, Waikiki, Diamond Head, and Hanauma Bay. Although some may say it is too touristy, I think it’s a great island to get all there is to offer about the Hawaiian islands.

The Big Island is the one with the valcano and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see some lava flows. A pretty amazing site. The others, Maui and Kauai, are most vacationers favorite islands because of their old world Hawaii feel and a lot less people.

If you’re headed to the islands you’ll want to know what to bring on your Hawaii vacation. The main things are a swimsuit, some sunscreen, slippers, and comfortable clothes because it’s 80 all year round and so is the water. It’s a typical tropical vacation spot, so make sure to pack accordingly.

Hawaii can be a wonderful place to visit with snorkeling, surfing, hiking, world class resorts, and lots of fun in the sun. Make sure you do your research and know all about Hawaii before you go. It’s much better to get there with too much to do than be planning your Hawaii trip while you’re in Hawaii.

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