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Things to Do in Honolulu & Top-Rated Attractions

Honolulu is not only the tourist center of Hawaii, it is also the educational, artistic and political heart of Hawaii and has a reputation for some of the best restaurants, hotels and theaters in the country. Honolulu has all the sophistication and cultural of any other big city in the world, along with the added bonus of year round sunshine and beautiful tropical surroundings.

There are many top attractions in Honolulu, and here are just a few of the best: * Polynesian Cultural Center – the Polynesian culture once stretched across Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji and New Zealand (Maori), and you can learn more at the Polynesian Cultural Center about the fascinating history of the Polynesians and see live demonstrations on hula dancing, coconut husking and traditional cooking methods. The Center is also known for its fantastic luaus (feasts).

The Polynesian Cultural Center from Honolulu offers the possibility to meet and know an ancient culture

* Bishops Museum – Honolulu has some lovely museums and cultural exhibits and the Bishop Museum is the largest natural and cultural history museum in the whole of the Pacific. One of the main attractions is the Science Adventure Centre, which has some wonderful interactive exhibits that both adults and kids will enjoy. The Bishops Museum from Honolulu, or the natural history at its best

The Bishops Museum from Honolulu, or the natural history at its best

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