Defensive driving
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Defensive driving

Whether you are a person who travels to work everyday on your own or whether you are a person who uses public transport on a daily basis, what you need to know are the basic rules of defensive driving. Today there are a lot of driving schools that teach you these techniques apart from the actual driving classes that they hold. These techniques not only help you become a good driver, but it also teaches you how to be a responsible one as well.

These are some of the rules of defensive driving that can make driving a pleasure both for you and for the rest the travellers on the road: • If there is a speed limit on the road that you are travelling on, make sure that you observe the limit. There is no fun in speeding along on a fast lane just because you think you are going to be late for the meeting with your boss. • Make sure you know all the traffic signs completely. You cannot claim ignorance of the rules, when you make a mistake. • Respect the laws of the land in which you travel. Of course, there are countries like Burma or India, were rules are made, so that they can be broken as quickly as possible. Though the law tries to enforce the rule in these places, corruption levels are so high that it is very easy to breeze through traffic signals without stopping at a red light, because you know there will be a cop at the other end who would let you go in return for a small bribe. • Respect the other drivers on the road and remember that they also have a job to do. Nobody is driving just for the heck of it. Most of us have a job to go to or a home to reach. Most of us are also in a hurry to get to where we want to. Nevertheless, it is better that we respect each other and the traffic rules as well so that driving is a more pleasurable experience. • Do not horn or keep honking just for the sake of honking. It is very irritating and unnerving to have a driver honking behind you. Remember he is doing it because he is in a hurry. So, if you are in his place, you might be tempted to do the same thing. Believe me; it does not help to keep honking. Traffic will move at its own pace and no amount of honking is going to help.

The list is endless and can in no way be exhaustive. What you need to remember is that, the key to good driving is tolerance and patience. An impatient driver can never be a safe one and a intolerant driver can be a menace to himself and the rest of those who are on the road. A respect for traffic rules and the ability to drive in any place with a deep sense of responsibility is sure to make your drive a safe and enjoyable experience.

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