Road Trip: Tips on how to Save some money on fuel
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Road Trip: Tips on how to Save some money on fuel

If you love going on a road trip then you must be one with the whole world that hates it when fuel prices go up. With the current uprisings in the Middle East, experts say that we surely must expect fuel prices to soar in the near future.

We lined up some practical tips to serve as reminders on how we can save some pennies at the fuel pump:

Inflate your tires properly

Consult your car manual and know how much your tires should be inflated. Properly maintained tires can save you as much as 3% on fuel consumption.

Fill up when you hit the ¼ mark

Waiting for your meter to hit the ¾ empty will mean you are running very light while on the road. Just make sure that you fill up and do not wait for your car to run on fumes since this is not good for the fuel pump.

Get the proper octane level

Going for the higher octane does not really improve anything but only translates to higher bills. Unless you are driving a performance car, it will be wiser to go for the regular level of octane for your fuel.

Hit the pump early morning or late night

When the environment is cooler, the denser the fuel. This means that you get the right amount of fuel for the money that you spend.

Be light on the accelerator

No need to drive aggressively on the road. According to studies, when you go over 60 mph, you are spending 10 more cents for every gallon. Make sure you accelerate and brake smoothly. Imagine a glass of water on your dashboard and you need to drive without spilling any drop. Or you can imagine an egg between the floor of the car and the accelerator so you will be gentle on the pedals.

Park under the shade

Gas will evaporate faster when you leave your car under the heat of the sun. You will also spend more fuel since you will have to set your airconditioner to work harder so the car will be a lot cooler when you return.

Do not use the aircon if you are not on a highway

The air conditioner of the car burns around 8% of your fuel mileage. You will be able to conserve some fuel if you just roll down your window when you are driving at a slow pace. You might think opening the windows will increase drag. True. But the car will still be a lot more efficient compared to your aircon cranked.

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