Travel tips: How to pack for your beach holiday
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Travel tips: How to pack for your beach holiday

Heading out for a few days of beach holiday? So what do you bring? The answer really depends on the mode of transport you will be using. If you are flying to your beach destination, you only want to bring what you really need. You need to know what will be there to purchase or maybe rent so you can pack smart.

If you are driving to your beach getaway, you can consider bring some beach gear. Do not forget to check if your hotel or rent out or let you borrow things like umbrellas, lounge chair, and towels. When traveling with kids, do no forget to bring their inflatable toys. The big cooler with drinks and snacks is also a must.

Beach bags

You might be bringing some stuff near the water so it will be wise to bring a beach tote to hold gadgets, pocketbooks, sun block lotion, among others. Go for the colorful ones that are made of nylon, mesh, canvas, or straw.

You can also have a bag for each member of the family when traveling by car so each one can organize her beach necessities. In case you are flying, do not go for this setup and just buy affordable totes near your destination.

Wet items

Of course when you head to the beach, there is a 101% chance that you will be dealing with wet items when going home. You can make use of heavy-duty garbage bags where you can dump all the bathing suits, towels, and other wet items. You can also bring plastic bags that you use for your groceries. Another item to consider is bring a wheelie bag with lined pockets for your damp items.

Bathing suit

Imagine the horror of delayed or lost baggage. You do not want to be on the beach, just looking at the waters and just burying your feet in the sand because you do not have your bathing suit with you. You actually wear it and keep it with you while traveling. Wear it under your traveling clothes or just place it in your hand-carried luggage. Do not forget to bring an extra bathing suit so you can change in between your swimming sessions.

Sandals and shoes

Do not forget a beach ready footwear like flip-flops, sandals, or slip-on sneakers. If you do not want to expose your toes, you can go for the canvass sneakers that you can easiliy slip on and off. You can also bring socks to keep you warm.

If you opt to use flip-flops, it will be a wise choice to go for the neutral colored ones that can be very versatile and can be used for different settings. Women can easily get away with jeweled sandals.

Protect your gadgets

Most gadgets can easily be damaged when exposed to the sand and water. Make sure you keep your digital camera and mobile phones in a beach tote that has linings for added protection. You can also get a waterproof case for your camera. Ziploc bags are ever reliable for beach vacations. You can also invest on waterproof gadgets that you can enjoy under the water like camcorders and waterproof cameras.

Protect yourself against the sun

Your cover-up pieces must be made of cool, breathable fabrics and quite easy to slip on and take off. You also need a good amount of sunscreen especially if you are planning to spend most of your time outdoors. Bring a bigger bottle of sunscreen if you are planning to have a longer vacation in the beach. Make sure you try out the sunscreen at home if you are prone to skin allergies. There are also separate sunblock for the face as well as the lips.

Another good option is to use sunscreen towelettes. When packing a big bottle of wet sunscreen toweettes, make sure you seal and secure the bottle with some tape.

A pair of sunglasses is also a must. Go for the ones that have 99% protection against the UVA/UVB rays. Opt for the brand you trust or recommended by your doctor. You can also have your sunglasses tested by the optician so you know that the sunglasses are safe.

A classy straw hat is always stylish to give you that added protection against the sun.

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