Egypt, the place for holidays, art, history and the environment!
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Egypt, the place for holidays, art, history and the environment!

Egypt is a massive country in the north east of Africa. However this countries size does not compare to what Egypt has to offer the world. The history of Africa is greater and longer stretching than that of any other.

So why go on Egypt holidays, well I will explain what advantages there are in this post. If you are the kind of person that enjoys learning about the ancient world, or would like to discover something new, then this is the place for you. The sheer history of Egypt is immense; it holds the oldest writings in the world. The first true civilizations were started up in Egypt and had kings who called themselves Gods. Considering its size, there are not that many people that live here, only 76 million. The cultures are diverse, but the main religion is Islam.

Egypt offers some amazing diving and holiday resorts, especially in the well known areas like Sharm El Sheikh. Not to mention the Great Pyramids and the sphinx. Cairo has been world renowned as the place or learning, culture and commerce. Cairo has held massive amounts of information on Egypt’s 6000 year civilization, and holds keys into the past of the world.

Some of the world’s finest and most decorated art is found in Egypt, the drawings and sculptures that have lasted for thousands of years are priceless and still in good condition. Considering their age, they have lasted well throughout the years; this is a great experience for any art or culture student wanting to learn something that could not be studied anywhere else on the planet.

Football is Egypt’s popular national sport, and they have recently started to become a big player in the world cup. Egypt has been a member of the Football history for over 100 years, so has just as much enthusiasm in the sport as other countries do. Egypt has also been popular in Squash and Tennis, although not quite as big as Football.