Best Beach Vacations
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Best Beach Vacations

Who says that you actually have to do something when you go on vacation? If you want to spend your money to go laze around a beach all day, then it’s your prerogative. It doesn’t matter which beach is your favorite of all time. Maybe you’re a beach connaisseur. Maybe your job in life is to go on the best beach vacations that you can find and see for yourself which one is tops. Or maybe you just want to go on the best beach vacations so you can find the place where you want to go every year.

If you love the beach….really love the crashing waves, hot sun and sticky sand, then there are plenty of places to see. Only you will be able to decide which of the best beach vacations is for you. Why? Because each beach is different. It’s almost like choosing a hotel. The location, the cost of getting there, the view, the other beach goers and, of course, the activities there might be to partake in.

So what are your best beach vacations? Going to your local fishing hole with the man made beach around it? Probably not. If you love beaches, and plan to take the best beach vacations each year that you can, you won’t be settling for that.

But you have beaches on the west and east coast, and even beaches in the south. That’s just in the United States. You also have the Caribbean, Mexico,Hawaii and beaches all over Europe. So with all the beaches that there are in the world, how are you ever going to figure out where the best beach vacations are?

Well, before you can decide where your best beach vacations lie, you have to first decide what the best beach vacations mean to you. Do you like the beach deserted or crowded? Do you like to look out at the ocean and see lots of activities, or be mesmerized by the rhythm of the waves? Do you want to hear absolutely nothing or the sound of kids’ laughter as they kick sand onto your blanket? Once you decide what you want from the beach, then you have to decide what you want from the surrounding area.

Do you want an area that is fairly populated that offers good entertainment when you’re tired of lazing around the beach all day? Or do you want to be somewhere where all there is to do is laze around the beach all day? The answer to this question can open or close many beaches on your best beach vacations list.

Some of the best beach vacations in the world are located anywhere from Cancun, Mexico to the Hamptons in New York. Of course, if you’d like to find something south of the border you should check out Rio and Carmen Miranda in Brazil. Cross the ocean to Europe and you’ll find the French Riviera and Agia Kiriaki Beach in Greece.