The Misteries Of The Fascinating Borobudur
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The Misteries Of The Fascinating Borobudur

Did you ever try to figure out an allien ship? Well, visit Borobudur and you’ve got that figure! Because the temple of Borobudur, lieing in the heart of the Indonesian jungle looks really like an UFO ! It is the world’s biggest buddhist temple and is located 40 km away from Yogjakarta (or Jakarta), which is the Indonesian capital.

A northwest view of the fascinating Temple of Borobudur

The masterpiece of Borobudur was build during the IXth century  as a shrine of Budha and a pilgrimage place, and was deserted during the XIVth century, due to the islamization of Indonesia. During the XIXth century Borobudur was rediscovered, and restored by UNESCO and some Buddhistic countries (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar) in the 1973. Borobudur became nowadays not only Indonesia‘s most important attraction, but, amazingly,  also an important factor for the unity of this country.

Buddhist pilgrims on meditation in the Temple of Borobudur

The temple of Borobudur is 123 meters high and guides the visitors through the three basic worlds, which are the fundament of  the Buddhistic religion: Kamadhatu (or the World of Desire), Rupadhatu (The World of Forms), and Arupadhatu (The World of  formlessness).

Indonesian superstitions associates Borobudur with tough luck and mistery. Nevertheless, Borobudur is still today an important pilgrimage center. For Vesak, Buddhists all over the world come to Borobudur, and the authorities organize contemporary ballet representations to comemorate life and death of Gautama Buda.

Borobudur is covered with bas reliefs and images of the old javanese society, making it an unique history book. There are 160 Buddha statues, many stupas and a great deal of things you need to see and to know. Even the architecture of Borobudur is unique,  based on the old principles of Buddhist architecture books.

A Ballet Show during Vesak celebration in Borobudur

Borobudur is easy reachable from Yogjakarta, Magelang, and even from Bali. But Borobudur is the best to discover before the sunrise, when it is not so overcrowded as usually. There are good facilities for sleeping in the nearby village for any an budget. These hotels also caters for any taste, and so you are saved from starvation. Avoid the local vendors politely, they could become annoying. The visit of Borobudur must begin at the eastern entrance and then must be continued clockwise. Thus you can reach all the three worlds as mentioned above.

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