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What to eat on travels

When you are on travel you eat more than normally, at least this is for me.

I developed from my own experience a few tips and tricks about eating

-taste the local food. And not necessary the most expensive.

-don’t forget your favorites food from home, or from other countries you have visited

-never eat after 21 hours . Remember: Cina brevis,vita longa est.

-eat most vegetables

-eat much fish, it is easy to digest and very healthy for your brain.

cook yourself, it is cheaper

-thank your God before and after any meal

-eat less and often, instead of much and rarely

-keep always in mind, that food must be energy, and not substance. Hundreds of millions people eat two measures of boiled rice daily! the rest is prana(cosmic food)

I will say you about my favorite dishes I ate all over the world, very soon. Which were yours, I want to know!

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