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Get paid to travel is probably a dream job

For many people who enjoy going to new places, Get paid to travel is probably a dream job. There are plenty of opportunities in the travel and leisure industry to get paid to visit various destinations, and here is a list of the some of the main types of jobs available:

Available Job for Get paid to travel

* Travel Scout – most tour operators spend a lot of time and money on seeking out new destinations for their books, and also checking up on existing hotels and resorts they already sell holidays with. The travel scout industry can be very competitive, and the perks are obvious – free all expenses paid travel and accommodation in a range of exotic locations, as well as getting paid to write reviews and recommendations from your trips. * Location Scout – this is a very difficult career to get into, as the competition is fierce and the expectations and pressures are high. Location scouts take the film/tv director’s visions and find suitable, workable locations in which filming can take place. You will need to be prepared to travel to odd locations, sometimes very remote and inaccessible, and as well as being practical, you will need to be very creative and imaginative so that you can translate the director’s visions into something realistic. You will need to have an intimate understanding of both filming and traveling in order to select locations that are logistically viable, and being fluent in various languages can help immensely. Getting a job as part of a filming crew can be a good starting point, as this will provide you with a good background into the industry and also expose you to some valuable contacts for the future.

* Travel Writer – magazines, newspapers, travel guides and even online travel websites all need input from travel writers, either on a freelance or contract basis. Again this can be a competitive industry so you will need some background experience in both writing and traveling, and many full time writing jobs may specify a degree qualification in communications, journalism or English as a necessary basic requirement. Generally though you should be able to write interestingly and accurately on your experiences, and be able to present a ‘fresh’ approach to well traveled destinations. Travel writing can involve some challenging journeys, so you will need to well organized, and good at working under pressure to meet strict deadlines.

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