Christmas in Vienna
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Christmas in Vienna

Christmas is magic, and Vienna is also magic. Results an extraordinary mix ! Really, a Christmas in Vienna(or Wien, as the locals call their city) is something special and unforgettable.

Vienna has a long history, you can still admire some roman ruins in the city. Up to 1857 the downtown (Innenstadt ) was closed inside a defence wall. On the place of the wall it has been build the Guertel, a wide fancy boulevard.

Why Best Christmas in Vienna?

Quality of life in Vienna is the best worldwide, near Vancouver. There are 100 museums, theaters and opera houses. You may not miss the Christmas Ball at Opera house, as you are in Wien. Important to know: in Vienna are organized more than 200 balls in one year! The locals love parties very much, you can feel it. Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven lived here in Vienna, which was always a cultural city. All these composers live even today in Vienna in a way. They are very present at every step.

Vienna is also a very modern city and lives not only through its glorious past. The giant wheel fom the Prater, the UNO quarter and the OPEC houses are some signs of the Vienna’s modern vocation.

On Christmas there are special sales posibilities and special prices on the Christkindlmarkt. You can drink boiled wine (Gluhwein) on the streets. On Christmas in Vienna you can relax and also get a good portion of culture. Don’t miss the Wiener Schnitzel, which is huge and very tasty, or the Sacheltorte (a delicious desert), which you can take in one of Vienna’s many restaurants and cafes!

Last, but not least, a mention about the Vienna architecture, which is an amazing mix of different styles. By the beginning of the xxth century, as a reaction to the modern buildings, the genial painter and architecture Hundertwasser build his house in a very particular way. And this Hundertwasser house is nowadays one of the city’s most visited architectural sites (other important places: the gothic Stephansdom, and the palaces of Schoenbrunn, Hofburg, Belvedere).

A lot of things to do and to see on Christmas in Vienna.


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