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Jakarta a Mega City on its own

Dear friends, this is the very center of Jakarta . Many office buildings, skyscrapers, luxury hotels, intensive night life. Not far are the suburbs, slums, homeless sleeping on the streets- a city of contrasts, as so many other mega-city. But here you can find also Bandalai hotel, as many other leading hotels. You can have a lot of fun during night.

Jakarta is not to visit in the monsoon time! Then, due to heavy rains, many channels go out and you can imagine the result! Or even smelling!

Indonesia is the most populated Islamic country on the Earth, and deserved a capital of the same huge proportions. This is Jakarta. Jakarta counts in the main city 8000000 inhabitants; with suburbs 18000000 inhabitants. Soon, by swallowing other near cities will be born a giant city of 45 000 000 inhabitants.

1880 jakarta was under Dutch occupation, and counted 100 000 inhabitants. It was a dirty stinky town, specially in the monsoon time, when all channels gone out.

Today this city is also not very clean, and growled without any systematization and planning. The monsoon still causes inundations , which affects more than 3/4 of the city. There are no trams, buses, underground, a huge city with no arterial.

The air and water pollution is very serious. But the people still come as attracted by a magnet in this city, which gives nevertheless better chances to live like the Indonesian villages.

jakarta has nevertheless a saw and a mister you must discover. There is an interesting population mixture. There many exquisite and budget hotels and hostels. There is culture ,universities,  theaters, Chinatown, local and international cuisine etc. Discover your Jakarta and tell me about it.

Watch the pictures and bear in mind: you don’t need money to be happy!

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