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Cheap Travel, Socialize Better

As you want to Cheap Travel, you must be staying in hostels. This is also a way to make new friends, but there are a few basic rules:

1. The other ones are also travelers, as you are. You have same experiences and same interests! Give them information and advice, if you can and have better than they do.

2. Hide your stinking socks, you also do not need and want to smell someones else socks!

3. Leave your maps and journey books¬† at sight, and leave them in the hostel if you don’t need anymore.

4.Do not stay very long in the front of the hostel computer . Everybody needs it for urgent matters, e.g. planning, reservation etc

5. Do not stay very long in the bathroom.

6. Do not try to pick other traveler girlfriend. Take information in advance.

7. Make short trips with other hostelers.

8.Try to look happy, and behave kind and polite. Help other hostelers to find other destinations and to plan new trips.

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