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You guessed, it is Los Angeles.  150 years ago it counted 100 000 inhabitants.

What is Los Angeles known for?

The city was grounded by Mexicans in 1781, and passed to the USA in 1850, when was not bigger than a village/ 2000 inhabitants.

Los Angeles means Angels. The insiders are Angelinos. And they are happy to drive with a tempo of 30 km/h in the rush hours, because the car is a social symbol in this city!

There are also today many Mexicans and Hispanics in the city, and also blacks! Remember the racist troubles from 1992 when juries found unguilty four white policemen who killed a nigger.

L.A. comprises in its metropolitan area 20 000 000 inhabitants. A mega city indeed. Noticeable to this mega city-poverty is not so wide spread like in the third world. A half of the city consists on one family houses. The result is a huge surface occupied by the city.

But sky scrappers are not to be avoided, specially in the center. Amazing: up to 1958 it was forbidden to build higher than 14 stores, as the city lies on San Andreas Valley and faced many strong earthquakes!

  • Hollywood is a part of L.A. You will not see there skyscrapers or slums, for sure. Marylin Monroe was born here, and died here.
  • There are many avant-garde buildings in  L.A.
  • The weather in L.A. is subtropical, and the city is affected strongly by the smog.
  • The weather in L.A. is subtropical, and the city is affected strongly by the smog.

The Angelinos and the tourists have a wide range of dishes to their disposal/shushi for example is very popular. Mexican specialties are also popular/try buritos. Japanese specialties, Chinese duck etc, etc. The city has a flair and a charm that you must strive to find.

In L.A, Many office buildings, luxury hotels, Los Angeles night life. But here you can find also best hotel, as many other leading hotels. You can have a lot of fun during night. You are going to need time to discover L.A.,and I am also going to need some time to tell you more about it.

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