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Tokyo Disney – Why It’s Superior to Any Theme Park

Tokyo Disney theme parks are located around the world. Most children dream of visiting these parks at some point, though many are stuck with the one in Anaheim California and Orlando Florida. These theme parks are great, but the Tokyo Disney Resort is truly a spectacular adventure that no other theme park in the world can offer. It’s broken down into several sections that you can visit during your trip.

Tokyo Disneyland is the main theme area. It is around $64 per ticket, but bulk and multi-day ticket pricing is available. If you visit this park you will probably want to visit the nearby additional parks in the same general area. Tokyo Disney has many rides and entertainment possibilities. It is nearly impossible to see everything in one day! The lights, shows, and rides are one of a kind and considerably more FLASHY than the USA based Disney Parks. Tokyo does it big, and you won’t be disappointed.

When you enter the “Tokyo Disneyland” there are 7 sections to explore. The first section is the “World Bazaar” followed by Adventureland, Westernland, Critter Country, Fantasy Land, Toon town, and Tomorrowland. Each area offers something different related to the theme in it’s name. Each are also has shops and dining areas, in case hunger strikes or you want to buy souvenirs!

Tokyo DisneySea is a section of the park that is separate and requires a different ticket. DisneySea is made up of water rides and things that are based off of Disney movies that feature water! There are Little Mermaid attractions as well. This park requires a whole new day to explore the rides, amusement, and adventures available here. Its worth visiting if you visit and enjoy the Tokyo Disneyland area. Combination tickets are available for a small discount, if you prefer to visit them on separate days you may need a multi-stay ticket instead.

Tokyo Disney isn’t just for children. Adults will certainly enjoy the magical world of Disney, especially since they are old enough to experience the thrill rides and afford to shop at the souvenir areas!

While not immediately part of the Theme Parks, Cirque Du Soleil Tokyo is also located adjacent to DisneySea. This theater shows regular showings of the most popular Cirque Du Soleil Shows. Tickets here are pricey and you should book far ahead to ensure good seating and good deals on the ticket costs. If you are in the area this theater is a must see, and certainly one that children and adults will enjoy.

After a hard day of visiting and exploring the theme parks, you can stay at one of the Disney resort hotels. There are several nearby and cater to your every whim. If you have the funds for it, they are extravagant hotels that are definitely a treat to stay in. These hotels also book fast, so it is important to plan ahead. If you stay at the hotels eating on site isn’t recommend. Eat out in Tokyo for cheaper meals and better service, you won’t regret it!

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