Guide to a Mexican Riviera Cruise
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Guide to a Mexican Riviera Cruise

Mexico has a stunning coastline along the Pacific Ocean, and this is a highly popular tourist destination because of its many wonderful beaches, secluded coves, clear waters and lush jungle landscapes. The entire coastline has been transformed by tourism from sleepy fishing villages into lively towns and resorts full of luxury hotels and grand seaside villas and is known as the Mexican Riviera for its fast paced, high living atmosphere.

Acapulco is a must do during a Mexican Riviera Cruise

The Mexican Riviera is also a popular destination for cruise ships, and is in fact in the top five most popular cruise destinations in the world, and is considered to be a very good alternative to the more traditional (and often more expensive) Caribbean cruises.

Year Round Cruises The Mexican Riviera enjoys sunshine nearly 365 days of the year, and cruises are offered all year round by lines such as Royal Caribbean and Carnival, but the months of August and September can be very hot with temperatures reaching well into the 90’s, and this is combined with a surprisingly high level of humidity which can make things a little uncomfortable, especially at nighttimes. Most cruises to the Mexican Riviera depart from Los Angeles, but there are some services from San Diego and San Francisco

Flexibility One of the main reasons why cruises along the Mexican Riviera are so popular is that there are so may different choices available. You can take short three to four night trips from Los Angeles to Ensenada with Carnival, which is ideal for those passengers who are new to cruising so that they can try a short trip to see if it suits them. These short cruises are also popular for special occasions and because there is a great party feel to Mexican cruises these short trips are ideal for wedding, retirement and birthday celebrations. Most cruise lines also offer seven, ten and fourteen day itineraries around the Mexican Riviera and typical ports of call include the popular Acapulco and Manzanillo, as well as the lesser known ports of Ixtapa and Ziguatanejo.

A beach in the fantastic Acapulco

Top Experiences No cruise of the Mexican Riviera would be complete without a stop of the famous resort town of Acapulco, which has been for many years one of top tropical destinations in the world for the international jet set, and has some stunning beaches along with a plethora of luxury hotels, spas, restaurants and shops. Acapulco continues to prosper and grow and there are so many activities  on offer from water sports through to watching the famous cliff diving from La Quebrada that visitors will be spoilt for choice.

cabo san Lucas is a popular port pof call during a Mexico Cruise

Cabo San Lucas has a fine reputation as being a top party town, and alongside the beautiful beaches and scenery there are plenty of things to do in the day including snorkelling, diving and big game fishing (Cabo is famous for its marlin fishing) and there are also fine golf courses and other recreational facilities. Nights out on the town in Cabo are very lively, and this is a great place to go and let your hair down with a mainly youthful American crowd.

The marina in Cabo San Lucas