The perfect vacation in the exotic Acapulco
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The perfect vacation in the exotic Acapulco

Acapulco has a long history. Its travel history started nevertheless after WWII, in 1949, with the opening of the first discos, restaurants, etc.

The resort lies on Mexico’s western coast, in a wonderful bay.

It was boosted in the travel industry by the famous Hollywood actor Johny Weismuller ( alias Tarzan). After that, in the 60′s it became a favorite destination for luxury travel. The main clients were very rich and came from South America, Western Europe, and especially the U.S.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy married here Jackie KennedyJohn Wayne owned a beach in AcapulcoAva Gardner divorced from Frank Sinatra in AcapulcoAcapulco had a strong magic power, which paled totally in the 80′s due to pollution: the water was no better for a swim!

Today Acapulco is booming again, as the water is again good for swimming. The stars are coming again (e.g Sandra Bullock and Enrique Iglesias) and the golden age of Acapulco is coming back.

The perfect vacation in the exotic Acapulco

There are many bars and restaurants with a splendid view of the wonderful gulf. I would dare to suggest among them Frank’s favorite. Of course, it was Sinatra’s favorite restaurant, and it is owned today by Placido Domingo. It has a strong old glamor air, with the necessary dress code. The menu is very special and innovative, a perfect Latino food based on European techniques and Asiatic spices.

From the long list of luxury hotels, try the Fairmont Princess. If you want, you can enjoy the perfect spa and wellness. And you can also enjoy sensational gardens with pink flamencos, waterfalls, and Aztec pyramids.

You have wonderful opportunities in Acapulco for water sports (cliff diving, surfing, snorkeling) and a guaranteed entertainment and fun (try the clubs Alebrije, Baby’  O, and Palladium).  Man, you are going to love Acapulco!

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