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10 Must see destinations for your first European holiday

The world has gone far since the days when only the wealthy can travel the world to learn some fencing in France, conquer the Swiss Alps, or maybe study art in Florence. These things comprised the Grand Tour those days. Over time the kind of European holiday for those who have just finished their education evolved as more means of transport were made available. If it is your first time in Europe, make sure you see these top travel destinations in Europe:


Two days to see this great city is not enough. It can get pretty expensive too. It is enough to the best London destinations though like the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tate Modern, the London Tower, and see a show at the West End. Make sure you also head to the East End and try the eateries offering local flavors.


Hop onto a high-speed train and you can have your Paris holiday to appreciate the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and some other museums or churches. You can also head up north to Montmarte and have some gastronomically orgasmic dinner.


From the City of Lights, you can get an overnight train ride to the colorful city of Barcelona. Make sure you support your jaw as it drops when you see the Sagrada Familia done by Gaudi and other magnificent architecture. Do not miss your opportunity to try the Catalan cuisine. Board a plane and you will be taken to your next memorable destination.


The European trip might not be complete without dropping by Rome. Two days will be enough to see the timeless beauty of the Vatican City, Collosseum, Trevi Fountains, Spanish Steps, and the Pantheon.


Another train ride and you can get to the city of Vienna. Enjoy a cup of coffee, be amazed watching the Lipizzaner stallions, drop by the Staatsoper to watch a performance, and of course shop, walk, and explore the city.


A few hours away is a city that gives you a good blend of the old and the new. Budapest offers you a relaxing time at on of its thermal baths. Enjoy the local flavors in the city’s lively cafes.


A day of train ride brings you to one of the most exciting corners of Europe, Berlin. This city continues to evolve. Make sure to include in your itinerary the Berlin Wall, museums, memorials, the Filmmuseum, and the Sony Center. At night, you can hit the Prenzlauer Berg or the Kreuzberg.


A plane ride away is the city of Dubrovnik that features red roofs and marble streets. Walk the famous city walls and enjoy the beauty of the sea and the town. See the old town , enjoy the atmosphere of a local cafe, and walk along the beach.


Magnificent buildings, Ancient ruins. Destinations like the Acropolis top the list of an Athens holiday. Below the hills, you will see a lively market scene, buzzing tavernas, and some more of the old, impressive remains.


Once you get to Istanbul you are pretty much at the end of the continent. Istanbul is a convergence of the East and the West. See the Old Istanbul and explore the Aya Sofya, Topkapi Palace, and the Blue Mosque. Enjoy the night at Beyogiu where you can dine and shop. Just a boat ride away and you can set foot in Asia. Look back at Europe and maybe think of your next journey exploring the world.

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