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Well, dear friends, you are not greenhorns anymore. Of course, you still don’t master the charming Cockney accent, but are not a foreigner visitor in the happy city of London. And if happens that you read some English books in the pre Internet era, there were sure some books about London.

I think that no other mega city was so much sung and spelled like London! Oliver Twist, Sherlock Holmes, British Queens and Kings and much many others pale when comparing them to London. As London is for sure much better painted in all those books!

London for book lovers, this is the event I am proposing to you first! Use the guided tours, or simply take a map and try to discover the magic of London as it breaths in many notorious books. If you wanna get something from Charles Dickens‘ naturalism and discover the traces of  Oliver Twist, visit the poor neighborhoods of London. Or walk along The Tower Bridge over the Thames to get a flair of  “Our Mutual friend”, also a Dickens masterpiece.

Wander on Baker Street where Sherlock Holmes solved the insolvable. Visit Westminster Abbey and remember “The Bleak House”. Observe the people in London and think about the social stratification as described in “ Sense and sensibility“. Visit Cadogan Hotel where Oscar Wilde was arrested following a proofed gay relationship, which was outrageous on those time (he died shortly after this arrest ). The Sherlock Holmes pub waits for you with an excellent service and the dishes are like in the book “The signs of Four” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Much more important than the dishes: you can visit a remade studio of Sherlock Holmes! It looks like Sherlock Holmes has just left for a moment.

Further, London has also so much to offer for movie freaks, opera goers, sport fans etc. A paradise for every hobby you might have.

Last, but not least: many new green restaurants have opened their gates in London. Their chefs deeply think, that going green shall not mean any sacrifice for the customer. I think first to the one I discovered soon: L’Anima. It lies in the very center of London (City, which is actually its financial hub) and is a distinguished Italian restaurants. Book in advance, it is usually overcrowded.

London is still a welcoming host, despite the crisis. Which is actually not to be seen in London, at least in the touristic places and services.

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