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How to avoid getting sick on a journey

Travelling could be a joyful experience, till you get sick on the tour. You will then feel like kicking yourself, because you did not take the necessary precautionary medicine to ensure that your journey was a good one.

In many countries today, if you have to leave the country and

enter another one, you need to provide documentary proof to say

that you have undergone a whole series of tests and preventive measures, so that you do not fall ill on the journey that you are about to undertake. There are countries who specify that this medicine or injection needs to be given by a registered medical practitioner and not just your local doctor.

There are many common ailments apart from the real major ones that are sure to mess up your holiday, if you were to fall a prey. For instance, imagine yourself with a runny tummy trying to look at some prehistoric paintings or carvings. You are surely not going to be interested in this intriguing facet of archaeology. Instead, you would be busy trying to locate the nearest toilet. There are places, where this could be a luxury, because you might find a toilet, but there is not guarantee whatsoever that it will be a clean one.

What do you do in a situation like this? Apart from holding on to your tummy which has already started griping and rumbling, there is very little that you can really do. If you want to avoid all these problems, the best thing to do is take the necessary medicines that will fortify you against these problems. There is still a little more effective measure that you can adopt if you want to avoid this kind of a problem. If you maintain a safe diet, without venturing into something that is totally alien to your system, there are bright chances that you will not be affected by this problem.

Apart from a runny tummy there are many more common ailments that can plague your journey. If you were venturing out into the wild or into a tropical climate, the dangers of insect bite should be thought of. There are very few preventive steps that can be taken well before your date of travel. Of course, when you are on your tour, you could always ensure that you insect repellents and anti-histamines that will help you combat this menace.

Therefore, if you have decided to go on a long trip into a place that you have never visited before, do not take any advice for granted. More importantly, try to integrate with the locals in order to get a real-life feel of what you might be in for. There is no harm in taking the necessary precautions. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

A journey could get thoroughly messed up if you or your travelling partners fall sick. So, make the best of what you have and do not try to be over-adventurous. This might land you in a very big soup.

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