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Best Attractions In San Francisco

San Francisco , one of the most popular travel destinations in the Western United States. Not only does it have fantastic weather, a glamorous celebrity life, and an active community for Gay Pride, but it is also ripe with entertainment venues, and things to see. There are so many attractions in San Francisco, that it is hard to know where to begin when compiling a list of the best.

But I did my best, and while anyone who has been to this fantastic city in California will have their own locations that they label ‘must see’s’, here are a few of my own all time favorite attractions in San Francisco, and each one is, in my opinion, crucial to any tourist’s itinerary.

The Urban Safari

One of the many, many, many, tours that travel the streets on San Francisco, The Urban Safari is probably the only one I would recommend. They have dozens of routes, that will take you anywhere from famous Hollywood hot spots, to legendary disaster sites. But the best part about these tours isn’t the locations, it’s the humorous nature of the guides, and the often sarcastic tone of the history behind the destinations. Trust me when I say there tours should not be missed, at least not by anyone with a sense of humor.

The Golden Gate Bridge

This is obviously going to be on anyone’s ‘attractions in San Francisco‘ list, so I feel a little bit like I am hopping on the bandwagon here. But, at the risk of sounding like a cliché, The Golden Gate Bridge really is a must see for anyone who is coming to California for the first time. Not only is the structure itself impressive, but taking a walk along the bridge will offer a breathtaking view of the ocean, not to mention give anyone who likes a little people-watching a great opportunity to take in the local life, as well as other tourists, who flock to the bridge every day.

The Ferry Building Marketplace

What once was a landmark in the city of San Francisco has now become a marketplace filled with small shops, street vendors, flea markets, gourmet fresh foods, and fine dining. There are also various events that are held weekly, so be sure to check out the local papers while you are there for attractions that are moving to The Ferry Building Marketplace.

Lombard Street

One of the strangest city roads in the world, Lombard Street doesn’t appear to contain a single straight line. Everything is crooked, turning, and one way, making it impossible (and illegal) to take any kind of large vehicle up it. But it isn’t really for driving anyway, instead you should park at the opening between Hyde and Leavenworth, and take a nice walk up. Not only is it a great place to stretch your legs, but it is covered on every side by Victorian style mansions, and amazing gardens. It is the ultimate sightseeing spot in California.

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