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Great Natural Tourist Destinations in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has been receiving a lower amount of tourism in recent years for several reasons. This is not a reason to neglect such a beautiful location with so much to offer in terms of tourism and exploration. Amongst the natural locations are various destinations that may seem out of place for anything that you would see in Africa. Travelers could certainly benefit from knowing what is available for them in the expanse of Zimbabwe so they can truly enjoy their visit and do something amazing. The following attractions are natural and are truly enjoyable by anyone who appreciates nature:

The Amazing Zambezi River

The Zambezi River is the fourth longest river in Africa at 2,200 miles in length. It runs from Zambia to Angola, bordering Namibia, Botswana, Zambia once more and Zimbabwe and finally out through Mozambique to the Indian Ocean. The river has several locations in which ferries and tourist boats frequent the waters and provide a great view of the best locations. The topmost section falls into the middle section of the river at Victoria Falls, which also has several tourist boats available for short trip distances.

The Awe Inspiring Victoria Falls

People that have been to Victoria Falls have witnessed one of the biggest waterfall formations in the world. The amazing height and width of this awe inspiring waterfall is considered to be the biggest sheet of water in the world even though it is not the tallest or longest waterfall in the world. There are amazing locations in which you could venture so close to the edge of Victoria Falls that you can peer over the edge at over 100 meters high, while swimming or enjoying a nice dip in some of the safe natural rock pools such as the “Devil’s Swimming Pool”, between the months of September and December.

The Beautiful Eastern Highlands

Located near the border of Mozambique and Zimbabwe, the Eastern Highlands can be found. The location is covered in rich grasslands and forest with much contrast to other locations within Africa. This is due to the higher rainfall, lower clouds and larger amounts of mist that contribute to a wetter climate in this area. The location also offers Zimbabwe’s tallest mountain peak, Mount Nyangani, at 8,504 feet which is popular for hiking with many travelers. Mount Nyangani’s peak can be reached in 2-3 hours by persons of average to excellent fitness levels.

Tips for Safe Travel in Zimbabwe

If you are going to be travelling in Zimbabwe, it is important to think of safety first. Always take advantage of the information that is available and look into tips such as the following for safer travel in a country like Zimbabwe: • Drink Safe Water (outbreaks of cholera have occurred within recent time spans) • Never Carry More Money Than Needed • Stick To Premade Paths In Natural Attractions • Eat Healthy Meals To Fuel Your Day • Always Have Emergency Rations In Case You Get Lost • Use Trustworthy Tourism Guides And Tours Whenever Possible

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